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Michigan has a vast selection of DJ services to choose from. How can a couple, event planner or coordinator make an informed choice? To answer this question, it might help to ask one other: What is the difference between Dick Clark, Casey Kasem or Dick Purtan and "just a DJ?" The short answer is PERSONALITY! A talent for interacting with people.

"Stu & His Crew" provides a unique personality that gets -- and keeps -- the crowd going! Anyone can come to a party and play music. Stu entertains! Interactive without being obnoxious. Also, Stu is a full-time Disc Jockey. He brings a focus and preparation to your event that few part-timers and franchises can match. Your party isn't just a "side job," it's priority one! Stu averages more prep time for each event than any other DJ service - period. And it shows!

Stu's sound and lighting packages are sized to your needs. Our "Flagship" system (we call it our "portable radio station") is a DJ dream machine, with all the "bells and whistles," including a rhythm machine and digital samplers for incredible music mixes done live on the spot! Our other packages are designed to conserve space without sacrificing performance. Not only do they sound great, but they look great too! You won't see a lot of exposed wiring or haphazard equipment stacks. The "Stu & His Crew" systems make up a true "DJ Booth."

Currently offering the largest mobile music library in the southeast Michigan area, Stu LOVES requests and HATES to say "no!" Stu uses CD quality music and NO illegal downloads. Why? Because what sounds great on your laptop or iPod might sound very bad on a premium quality sound system! No compromise state-of-the-art is not just a catch phrase with Stu & His Crew -- it's a reality!

Stu is also a respected author! In addition to being a regular contributor to such publications as Mobile Beat Magazine, Stu has written the "must have" book for every disc jockey in the business, The Complete Disc Jockey.

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Stu Chisholm
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Stu & His Crew DJ Service
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Center Line, MI 48015

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